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This is a totally software base project. Actually this is not a project work, this is a simple tool use to measure the resistance of a resistor via its color code. I make this tool for my own project work. By this app you can measure a 4 color resistance value very easily.


I made this small app from MIT appinventor. This is a very nice app making website made by MIT. You can just drag and drop your items from their predefined item libraries, and make own logic by drag & drop and your app is ready. its very easy.

Here are some screenshots of the website from the app making time.

This is the main window. you can find all basic items in the left side item panel. Just by drag and drop you can get the item in your app,  and the details and edit panel is in the right side of the window. This screenshots are taken in the time of app making.


their is another part of a app is logic. This logic part is designed Block area. You can switch the designer to block just by the designer and block switches in the top right corner of the website.


This logic part is also accessed by drop down. There is no need to know coding to make a simple app. I make the logic here just by the select and drop down the logic from left block panel. 


The entire logic is much big to fit a single window., so here I give a single part of the total logic. Is is the logic for the 4th color of your resistance. According to the user input the system will provide the output.


After making the logic you can download or evaluate the app. Here is the complete app. You can just download and install the app, and start work for your project.

Download the app


When you open the app you will get a window like this. Now you have to put all 4 colors according to the resistance which you want to measure, and press calculate button.


To select the proper color you have to tap on '1st Color' or which color you want to put. For a demo I just choose Brown color. You have to choose the 2nd and 3rd color in the same way.

After selecting the 3 colors Now you have to choose the 4th color which is the tolerance of your resistance. According to the resistance color code here only 4 colors are available. After selecting the tolerance color just press the 'calculate' button and value will be calculated.


Here is a demo. I put my resistance color and its showing the value 15K (15 Kilo Ohms) with +/- 5% tolerance.


If this small effort can help in your any project then my effort will be successful. Please put a feedback On our contact page.

If you faced any problem please send a email to Thanks for be with us.

Thank You

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