Arduino IDE Setup And Programming

Arduino IDE is a very popular and useful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) That mainly used for programming any Arduino Boards like Arduino Uno, Arduino Due, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Nano, Arduino NG, etc. But we also can use this IDE to develop the code for various micro-controller like PIC micro-controller, Attiny micro-controller, etc. So now we set up the IDE for the beginner electronics lover.

First, we have to download the setup file of the IDE software. we can find it in the official website Simply go to the software tab then download sub-tab or directly to the download page. Choose the software package according to your PC OS. The page looks like this.


Here we used the Windows Zip file for non-admin install file. After downloading the file only we have to extract the file in a directory, that's all. you are done for the coding. Now Simply open the arduino.exe file and it will open your IDE.



The Arduino IDE is Looks like this.



Now you have to install the Arduino Port Driver software Pololu-cp2102-windows (This driver is needed if the Arduino board is NOT detected by the software itself). Download the zip file from hereAfter download, the file extracts it into the Arduino IDE directory. Then install the Pololu-cp2102-setup-x64.exe  for 64-bit windows OS or Pololu-cp2102-setup-x86.exe for 32-bit windows OS.


Now your IDE is completely set up for programming. To connect the Arduino board to the computer by USB port. Then select the board from Tool > Board > (Select your board, in my case, it is Arduino UNO), then select the COM port from Tool > Port > COMx


Now write your own code or select a pre-written code from File > Example. Now compile the code from Verily button or Ctrl+R or Sketch > Verify/Compile. If the compilation is done successfully then simply upload the code from Upload button or Ctrl+U or Sketch > Upload. It will take some time to upload the code. Wait a few moments for upload and you are done. Now You successfully upload your first Arduino coding.



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