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IoT Based Smart Home Automation Enabled with Manual Mode Switch Control        Read  


Smart Home Equipment Control System with Raspberry Pi and Yocto        Read  


Modem Functionality Diagnostic Tool with Graphical User Interface for Cellular Network        Read  


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Smart Door Control With Fingerprint Sensor

Very Secure Controlling of the Door with Smart and Secure Door Controller, Designed with Fingerprint Sensor, LCD Display and many more.


FPGA Based IoT Server and On-board LED and Switch Control

Control GPIO LEDs and display the status of on-board switches on HTTP client (Mobile phone or Laptop) over WiFi with FPGA and IoT server


Homemade Oscilloscope with Arduino

Very Low Price Oscilloscope Homemade Version under ₹500 with Arduino Nano


Resistance Calculator App

Very Tiny app for calculate any resistance value by it's color code. This is a very useful tool for any kind of engineers


Home Automation By Raspberry Pi

Home Automation By Raspberry Pi Over Internet. This is very interesting IOT project. Control your all home appliance remotely with raspberry pi and internet


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Program AVR Type Microcontroller by Raspberry Pi GPIO

Program AVR Type Microcontroller like Atmega series or Attiny series by Raspberry Pi GPIO


Motion Controlled Photo Capture with Raspberry Pi and PIR Sensor

Raspberry Pi Camera module capture photo when any motion is detected in front of the PIR sensor. This prototype can be used as a security severance system in our home or office area.


I2C Communication Between Raspberry Pi & Attiny88 Microcontroller

Raspberry Pi Communicate with Attiny88 Microcontroller over I2C bus and Send the data to the microcontroller and show on the 8 LEDs


Attiny2313 Microcontroller Programming with Arduino

Attiny2313 Programming with Arduino Uno by SPI Protocol, using MISO, MOSI, SCL and Reset pin


Arduino IDE Setup And Programming

Arduino IDE Setup and port installating for first programming with Arduino UNO for the absolute beginner in Embedded Electronics.